Conti’s Frozen Salmon Head Only P130 instead of P200!

Conti's Salmon Head SaleConti’s is selling their Frozen Salmon Head for only P130 instead of P200! If you like salmon head (it’s a delicacy in some places!), then this is a good deal!

There are various techniques to remove the malansa-ness from the salmon head:

  • you can soak them in salt water for a few hours before thoroughly rinsing them again before using
  • you can also parboil it first to remove the fishiness and impurities
  • I’ve also heard of people rubbing the fish with vodka to remove the fishy smell
  • generally accepted Asian wisdom says you must use ginger, scallions, garlic and similar herbs when you cook with “fishy” fish to remove the fishiness

I like salmon head because they are tasty and meaty! And the meat on the salmon head, especially the cheeks and at the top part of the “neck” at the back of the head, is soft & silky!

This is what they’ve posted on their Facebook page:

Dear friends and family,

Starting tomorrow, January 22, you can purchase your favorite Frozen Salmon Head for P130 only (originally priced at P200).
Enjoy preparing it for loved ones in the convenience of your home.
This special price is offered for a limited time only. We hope to see you in our stores! ‪#‎ContisPH‬

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