What’s in My Bag? Columbia’s Candies!

Columbia Candies

Last week, I received a surprise package from Columbia! You know, the maker of those candies many of us grew up with.

I stored some the candies in an air-tight glass jar and left it on the dining table for everyone to help themselves.

The Monami Strawberry & Cream candy is my favorite. They had me at strawberries and cream! Next is the chewy, fruity Frutos, everybody’s favorite! The Frutos is gone, all eaten up. It’s really popular. 

The VFresh, the regular Menthol iCool, and the Cherry Mint iCool are gums. As I am writing this, the VFresh and iCool jingles are playing in my head.

Columbia Candies Whats in my Bag

I keep some in my bag so that I can always freshen my breath. As a food blogger, I eat out a lot and attend foodie events – there are always so many different kinds of food to try, with different flavors, that could end up leaving my breath smelling like onions and garlic!

I use these gums to freshen my breath as needed throughout the day. I also bring enough to share with others. The gums are actually softer than I expected. Not hard to chew at all. I keep them in a plastic bag so that they’re not scattered all over my bag, but still visible and accessible.

Thank you to my Columbia Family for the candy happiness! 

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