Coleman Phils Warehouse Sale – up to 70% OFF!

Coleman Warehouse Sale Nov 29 2014

Coleman, to me, is synonymous with water jugs. I don’t know how it is nowadays, but back in the day, ahem, not so long ago, we used to bring our own water to school. I used to bring this tall, cylindrical Coleman jug with a spout. Aside from keeping me hydrated all day, it was also handy as a makeshift stool/chair, and we’d even pile books on top of it to keep the books off the floor.

So hearing about this Coleman sale brings back memories!

Coleman is having a warehouse sale this Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014, at the Focus Global Compound. Doors open at 8:30am and close at 5:00pm.

It will be at the Focus Global Compound Warehouse. The location is at the corner of Pioneer and Reliance Streets in Mandaluyong. This is near HMR, Pioneer Pointe, etc… it’s in the general area of factories and warehouses behind Edsa Central at the corner of Shaw Blvd and Edsa.

Participating brands include Tempur, KitchenAid, Oster, DMC (used in my cross-stitching school projects, yes, this post brings back so many memories), etc…

The items I am most interested in is, of course, a KitchenAid mixer! It’s my dream kitchen gadget! But I haven’t been able to justify buying one because it’s so expensive and I don’t bake often enough to justify its purchase. But if it was on sale at a very good price, I might just be able to persuade myself to buy one… For my Christmas gift, you know… ;P

For more information, you may call Focus Global at 634-8587.

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