Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste Launch + Review – No Morning Breath!

Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste Arctic Shock Oxyrush

Closeup just launched a new range of toothpaste the other day! The range is called CLOSEUP FRESH ATTRACTION and it promises to provide freshness like never before.

Sarah Lahbati, the brand’s latest ambassador, shared how using Closeup Fresh Attraction kept her breath fresh all day.

Closeup Fresh Attraction Sarah Lahbati

During the exclusive launch last Sept. 28, Chef Jose Luis Gonzalez of Gallery Vask prepared a special menu that will test the powers of the new toothpaste range. We had a menu of some of Gallery Vask’s famous dishes that featured bold spices like garlic, chorizo, strong cheeses, foie gras, squid ink, etc… that were guaranteed to give us breath odor.

Closeup Fresh Attraction Menu

Closeup Fresh Attraction Launch Menu Foie Gras Mousse

Closeup Fresh Attraction Launch Menu Croquetas

Closeup Fresh Attraction Launch Menu Parmesan Toast

Closeup Fresh Attraction Launch Menu Squid Ink

After eating all these delicious tapas, we were asked to brush our teeth with Closeup Fresh Attraction. Closeup Fresh Attraction comes in two flavors: Oxyrush (blue) and Arctic Shock (green).

Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste Arctic Shock Oxyrush

It works! The toothpastes give a very strong, icy blast that erases all the smelly aftertaste from the food we just ate. Foodies, take note! Keep this toothpaste on hand when you’re trying stinky food 😀

This is what the toothpaste looks like:

Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste Oxyrush

Closeup Fresh Attraction Toothpaste Arctic Shock

Review – Morning Breath is Gone!

I went home with some Closeup Fresh Attraction toothpaste so I used them for the past few days.

The blue one (Oxyrush) has the typical icy, minty flavor that I am used to. The green one (Arctic Shock) has a more sweet and fruity taste. Both have a really strong menthol/icy feel so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to it.

I expected the blue one to have a stronger icy aftertaste, but it was actually the green one that had a stronger and longer lasting icy aftertaste. However, based on taste, I prefer the blue one because that is the taste I am used to for toothpaste 🙂

How strong is the ice cold, minty freshness? This is actually the first time that I have tried any toothpaste whose freshness lasts so long! Like, seriously, even hours later, I can still feel the freshness in my mouth. Even if I snack on cookies, salted egg fish skin crisps, etc… my breath still feels fresh and still has that minty feeling.

And you know what else? I was shocked when I woke up in the morning and I didn’t have morning breath! Tried this for 2 days now – brushed teeth at night with any of these toothpastes, and when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel my usual morning breath. I guess this depends on how strong your morning breath is, but mine was severely lessened or almost gone. 🙂

Now, with the Closeup Fresh Attraction, you can be more confident about getting closer to someone even after eating strong and bold-flavored food!

Closeup Fresh Attraction is available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and the beauty sections of department stores. Checked Lazada and I saw that the 100g tube is selling for P89.00 each.

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