Christmas Gifts Sale at S&R – Sept. 22, 2015

SnR Sept 22 Christmas Decor

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I was away for a few days so I wasn’t able to update the blog. But anyway, I want to share my latest finds at S&R (The Fort) last week!

There were a lot of awesome deal items that I think would be great to stock up on for Christmas! I know it’s kind of early to buy Christmas gifts, but now is actually a good time to do so – you avoid the holiday rush, finish your gift list early, and are able to take advantage of any sales before the big spike in demand in December.

But first, the 80% Lean Ground Pork was the Item of the Week for last week – get a half kilo for free when you buy a pack! It’s P213.95 per kilo but you get a half kilo for free! Time to make some more longganisa or prepare some meatballs or embutido to stock in the freezer! It will be on sale until today.

SnR Sept 22 Lean Ground Pork Free Half Kilo

I don’t know much about wines, but these Rex Goliath wines (P499.95) were on Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Sept 22 Rex Goliath

These Zott Vanilla Puddings were on 50% OFF! Only P59.95 for a pack of 4, that’s about only P15 for each cup.

SnR Sept 22 Zott Vanilla Pudding

These Monte Vanilla are also on 50% OFF!

SnR Sept 22 Monte Vanilla

These Lemnos Ricotta Spreads also caught my eye. They are discounted by P50. They are the tubs behind the signs (red tub on the right, and white tub on the left).

SnR Sept 22 Lemnos Ricotta Spread

This Lurpak Spreadable Butter is half off at only P109.95 now!

SnR Sept 22 Lurpak Spreadable Butter

I talked about this Claim Jumper Lattice Peach Pie before, and if you want to give it a try, it’s discounted now at only P444.95!

SnR Sept 22 Claim Jumper Lattice Peach Pie

Love Sriracha sauce? The Asian Sriracha sauce is on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Sept 22 Asian Sriracha


I saw this Holiday Chair Cover for P649.95. It looks nice and very festive. You just slip this over your chair back and tie it in place.

SnR Sept 22 Holiday Chair Cover

These Cosmetic Bath Sets with Bag are Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Sept 22 Bath Set Cosmetic Bag

The red one is Berry Frosting, the gold one is Peony Vanilla. The set includes a small, zippered pouch.

SnR Sept 22 Bath Set Cosmetic Bag Red Berry Frosting

Here’s another gift set at Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Sept 22 Cosmetic Bag Shower Gel

And another set on Buy 1 Take 1:

SnR Sept 22 Bath Set Paper Window

These square gift baskets are now only P499.95 from P799.95 (save P300!). It’s available in blue and red.

SnR Sept 22 Eco Balance Bath Basket Set

The items that I really liked were these Christmas Ball Shower Gels, which were fortunately on Buy 1 Take 1! P199.95 for 2, so that’s around P100 each. I think they are really cute and Christmassy, and look way more expensive than P100! They come in several scents like Vanilla Thyme, Peppermint, Sugar Cookies Cotton, Pomegranate, etc…

SnR Sept 22 Christmas Ball Shower Gel

SnR Sept 22 Christmas Ball Shower Gel Gold

These Truffles are very good – smooth chocolate that melts in your mouth! They are on sale now so it’s a very good chance to try them out! Tip: for parties, you can open the pack and put the truffles in a nice bowl or fancy cupcake wrapper and tell people that you made them yourself! 

SnR Sept 22 Truffles

Hope you enjoyed these finds! Happy prepping for Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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