Celebrate Lydia’s Lechon’s 50th Year with 50% OFF 1 Kilo Chopped Lechon!

Lydias Lechon Roces Branch

Lydia’s Lechon, the lechon that many of us grew up with, is celebrating its 50th year!

I first noticed Lydia’s Lechon when I saw it at the SM Centerpoint food court when I was still in school. Ever since then, Lydia’s Lechon has been the default lechon brand I think about when I think of lechon. At the SM Food Court, it was easy to get just enough lechon as we needed, there was no requirement to order a whole pig, and the lechon was delicious!

As I grew up and learned to gallivant around the Metro, I saw the Lydia’s Lechon in Baclaran since a friend used to live near there, and realized that aside from SM food courts, Lydia’s Lechon also had a restaurant! The Baclaran branch is actually Lydia’s Lechon’s flagship restaurant.


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Lydia’s Lechon Roces branch in Quezon City. This is at the corner of Don A. Roces Ave and Scout Reyes St. I was happy to see that Lydia’s Lechon now has several branches! This is great for those times when you want some lechon with friends and family, but don’t want the noisy food court atmosphere!

Lydia’s Lechon’s Roces branch is bright and casual, with a similar atmosphere as a fast food place, but serving home style dishes.

Lydias Lechon Roces Branch Counter

Lydias Lechon Roces Branch Food

If you live around the area (near Quezon City), I recommend going to this branch because:

  • Free Parking! – parking spaces are available in front
  • The restaurant looks new or is newly renovated
  • and the most important reason of all, THERE’S A LECHONAN in that branch!

Lydias Lechon Roces Lechonan

They have a lechonan at the back, so you’re sure to get newly roasted lechon! Other branches that don’t have their own lechonan have their lechons delivered to them, but if you go to a branch with its own lechonan, you will most likely get a lechon that didn’t have to wait around to be delivered! Fresh, hot and crispy!

Here are the prices for the whole lechon:

Lydias Lechon Price List


While waiting for our food, I listened to the Lydia’s Lechon story. Aling Lydia started in the lechon business when she was 7 years old, helping to prepare the wrappers that were going to be used to wrap the lechon whenever customers buy some. She sold lechon outside Baclaran Church.

When she was 17 years old, in 1965, she started selling her own lechon in Baclaran. For capital, she was able to put together P500 from the money she received from friends and family for her second child’s binyag (baptism).

After a lot of hard work, Lydia’s Lechon now has 14 branches. Lydia’s Lechon is celebrating its 50th anniversary this November 2015! 50 years of lechon and still going strong!


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They also have a Harana at the Baclaran branch every Wednesdays and Saturdays, lunch time, until early November. Enjoy being serenaded with classic Filipino songs while dining. We even heard Lydia’s Lechon’s new jingle! On top of that, if your group / family reaches a total food purchase of P1,000, you also get a free triple pack of Lydia’s Lechon sauces!

Here’s the group doing the Harana:

Lydias Lechon Roces Branch Harana

Yup, Lydia’s Lechon also sells their bottled sauces and this pack is only P70!

Lydias Lechon Triple Pack Sauce All Around Liquid Seasoning Banana Catsup


Aside from lechon, Lydia’s Lechon also serves other dishes, and here are some that we got to try:

For our meal, we had 1/4 kilo lechon (P205):

Lydias Lechon Chopped

Lydias Lechon Chopped Close Up 2

As expected, the lechon was awesome! The skin was crispy without being chewy (not makunat) while the meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender and well-seasoned. It smelled so tempting – how can I describe the smell of lechon? Crispy skin, combined with the smell of soft, melting pork meat and fat, mixed with spices and seasonings?

Looking at these pictures just have me salivating!

The lechon wasn’t malansa, and that is saying a lot, because many poorly prepared lechons are malansa.

For me, lechon is better with a good lechon sauce, and Lydia’s Lechon sauce was very good. It was sweet, but good, and goes perfectly with the lechon! Did you know that Aling Lydia still makes the lechon sauce herself?

Lydia’s Lechon is definitely one of the best lechons in Metro Manila!

We also had the Beef Nilaga (P205). This was okay. The beef was tender, the soup was clear and beefy.

Lydias Lechon Beef Nilaga

Bicol Express (P185) – this was thick with coconut cream, but for me, I prefer it to be cooked until the coconut cream becomes a bit oily. This was okay. The pork pieces were tender. It was not too spicy.

Lydia's Lechon Bicol Express

Fresh Lumpia (P80) – this was lumpia ubod.

Lydias Lechon Fresh Lumpia Ubod

Pork Barbecue (P75) – the next best thing aside from the lechon! Lydia’s Lechon’s pork barbecue is really good! It was generous with the meat. The meat was not tough at all, and was also very flavorful. It’s typical Filipino-style pork barbecue with some tomato sauce or catsup, sweet and just a little hint of sour, but this barbecue is done really well. It shot up to the top of my list for good pork barbecues in Metro Manila! Really very good with the accompanying vinegar.

Lydias Lechon Pork Barbecue

Lydias Lechon Pork Barbecue Close Up

Buko Pandan (P47) – this was nice. I actually like this buko pandan better than the name brand buko pandan. This one is just simple – sago, pandan jello and coconut cream – nothing fancy, but it’s just good. And nicely chilled (not frozen). It tastes like something that would be served by your favorite aunt at a family get together. And it’s only P47! I must have been eating at expensive places, because lately, I expect a typical dessert would cost at least P100. So at P47 each, I think this buko pandan is so worth ordering!

Lydias Lechon Buko Pandan


Lydia’s Lechon is the place to go when you are craving for lechon! Their lechon is tried and tested – they’ve been in business for 50 years!

I would also go for their pork barbecue – it’s pretty good, too! Their buko pandan is also something I will definitely order whenever I am at Lydia’s Lechon.

Price-wise, I think their dishes are very affordable, especially compared to similar establishments.

Lydia’s Lechon delivers whole lechon within Metro Manila. Note: they only deliver whole lechon. They don’t deliver other food.

Lydia’s Lechon
Website: http://www.lydias-lechon.com/home/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lydiaslechonrestaurant
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lydiaslechon/
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