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GC (Gift Certificates) Problems – Some Not Being Honored as Expected

GCs (gift certificates) have become the currency of choice for giveaways, for reasons we can easily figure out. Although cash will always be king, I am all for using GCs as incentives, especially if it will help save everyone from unnecessary deductions (if you know what I mean).  Generally, gift certificates (more commonly called GCs), Read more »

Smart Promo Auto Renewal Problems

I have been a happy user of Smart’s postpaid Freedom Plan since it first came out in 2012. I didn’t have any problems with it and even convinced my immediate circle to switch to the Freedom Plan. This was the moment when I changed how I looked at Smart. Before that, I always thought of Read more »

My #1 Foodie Pet Peeve

I recently got into an argument with someone about clearing plates at restaurants. Seriously. He claims that at true 5-star dining restaurants, they were trained to take plates as soon as a diner pushes his plate away, and he was commenting about slow service in some restaurants regarding this. I was trying to explain that Read more »

I Am Done With Grey’s Anatomy #greysanatomy

Is anybody else here upset about Derek Shepherd’s recent death on Grey’s Anatomy? Sorry if I spoiled you, but the chances of that are quite low because the internet basically exploded about it yesterday. Yeah, I know I’m late posting this, but I wasn’t able to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode until last night, Read more »

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