Carte D’Or Gelato Is Now in the Philippines + Making Gelato!

Carte Dor Gelato Flavors

Yesterday, I attended a gelato making class led by Chef Miko Aspiras of Scout’s Honor, Le Petit Souffle, etc… The class showed us how Carte D’Or makes gelato – with simple, quality, real ingredients, sourced from good suppliers.

Introducing Carte D’Or Gelato

Over the years, UK’s #1 premium ice cream brand has been enjoyed by discerning dessert lovers from all over the world. Carte D’Or is present in Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey among many others.

Now, Carte D’Or is finally making its Southeast Asian debut with its new gelato range, and it starts here in the Philippines. Oh, wow! Out of all the countries in Southeast Asia, and they chose to start here! Carte D’Or Gelato offers a lineup of flavors crafted with real Australian cream & only the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world.

“Carte D’Or Gelato was crafted with the idea of offering something that’s more than just ice cream,” says Carte D’Or Brand Manager Earl Keh. “We take pride in sourcing from only the best, no matter where it takes us: from Australian butter to pistachios harvested from South Australia and California; from Belgian chocolate to hazelnuts grown in Turkey.”

Carte Dor Gelato Earl Keh

Each pint of Carte D’Or Gelato is crafted using real cream from Australia. Using real cream not only gives gelato its creamier texture but also its pure, clean taste. By using only the finest ingredients from all over the world, a truly authentic flavor experience is achieved.

So what’s the difference between regular ice cream and gelato? Gelato has less air incorporated into it, producing a smoother, creamier dessert. Ever experienced a rock hard, solid frozen ice cream? Not with gelato!


We were divided into groups and each group got to make our own pistachio ice cream! Chef Miko assured us that this was the way Carte D’Or makes their ice cream. Only real ingredients were used here.

Carte D'or Gelato Chef Miko Aspiras

We have milk, cream, sugar, salt, pistachio cream, and pistachios! That’s it!

We mixed everything together and blended it with a hand blender.

Carte Dor Gelato Making Pistachio Gelato

Carte Dor Gelato Making Pistachio Gelato Blending

After blending, the mixture needs to be pasteurized. This is because all the ingredients used are natural, so pasteurization is an important step to make sure that any microbes are killed. Chef Miko was the one who pasteurized the mixture for us with a pasteurizing machine.

Then it goes for its first freezing:

After the first freezing, it’s time to add additional flavorings, and we added more pistachios!

Carte Dor Gelato Pistachio Adding

The last stage is blast freezing. And that’s it! That’s how to make gelato!

After class, we got to try 3 flavors – Salted Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate, and of course, Pistachios!

Carte Dor Gelato Flavors 2

While I’m a salted caramel girl through and through, and I do love my chocolate, I just can’t get over Carte D’Or’s pistachio! It’s the most pistachio-est ice cream / gelato I’ve ever tried. It’s real pistachio, not just pistachio flavoring. Pistachio lovers will be sooooo happy with it! They served ours with mint and it’s such a good pairing, you need to emulate that when you get your own Carte D’Or Pistachio at home!

The salted caramel and the double dark chocolate flavors were also very delicious. All the gelatos were thick, creamy and smooth with enough flavor that you will easily identify each flavor on the first lick.

As Chef Miko explained, they developed the ice cream, especially the chocolate ice cream, to melt at body temperature, because chocolate is best appreciated when eaten at room temperature – you get all the chocolate-y nuances!

For the salted caramel – it’s so lovely and buttery like a hug, but salted enough to balance out the creaminess. I love that they put enough salt!

Carte D’Or Gelato will launch with four flavors

Salted Caramel

We journeyed to the green pastures of the land down under to bring you the goodness of real Australian cream. When swirled into butter and caramelized sugar, it creates a rich and rounded caramel profile. Add a dash of salt, and you’ve got decadent gelato with a sultry edge. Salted caramel gelato as it should be.

Double Dark Chocolate

At the heart of Western Europe lies Belgium—known for medieval castles, quaint hill villages, and a 400-year-old chocolate making tradition. We bring you its finest offering: chunks of Belgian chocolate stirred into thick chocolate gelato. A divine chocolate-on-chocolate experience.


Our pistachios are grown in the sun-kissed vistas of South Australia and California, where long hot summers produce the best nuts. To draw out the flavor, the pistachios are roasted and ground into pure paste. Folded into thick Australian cream, and you’ve got nutty goodness in every bite.

Chocolate Hazelnut

The best hazelnuts in the world are grown in the lush, rolling hills of Turkey. Crisp and buttery, the nuts are combined with delicate wafer crisps and a rich chocolate hazelnut gelato base. A match made in texture heaven.

There are more ice cream flavors being developed by Chef Miko and Carte D’Or, but they’re all still secrets!  As he explained to us, developing new ice cream flavors also entail a lot of work on the supply side – they need to make sure that they can have a good, steady supply of good quality ingredients, too. I think they have a few flavors using local ingredients up their sleeve!

Carte D’Or Gelato will be available in select supermarkets & convenience stores nationwide on May 23. Price starts at Php 295 for 475mL (Double Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel). The Pistachio and Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is priced just slightly higher because the nuts are more expensive. I think the price is actually very competitive against similar artisan / premium ice cream labels.

If the logo looks familiar, it’s because it’s a Unilever brand 


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