Cali Kani Pizza! Available for a Limited Time Only at Shakey’s


Shakeys Cali Kani Pizza

Shakey’s Philippines just launched their latest pizza creation – the Cali Kani Pizza!

Fresh from the success of March’s Scallop Primo Pizza, Shakey’s is introducing another yummy pizza this July!


The Cali Kani Pizza is an East meets West pizza loaded with kani, peaches, cucumber, fish roe and Japanese sesame dressing. It’s California maki on a pizza!

We were able to try the Cali Kani Pizza last weekend and it’s actually pretty good! It’s best eaten freshly made.

Shakeys Cali Kani Pizza

The ones we had were generously topped with kani strips! This is a large thin crust.

This pizza has a light flavor profile, with the slightly sweet and salty seafood flavor of the kani dominating. If you just can’t resist a California maki, this pizza was made for you!

While it’s already delicious on its own, I do miss the Japanese mayo and wish there was an option for adding Japanese mayo. I think adding some chili flakes or freshly ground pepper for some spiciness will also be great! Anyway, you can do all that when you get the pizza delivered to your home! 🙂

The Cali Kani Pizza is available for a limited time only, so get it while you can! The price for a large thin crust is P525. To get a free 2nd pizza, use it with your Shakey’s Supercard (delivery or take-out)!

It’s available for delivery, dine-in and take out in all Shakey’s branches nationwide. You may also order by dialing (02) 77-7777 or through or use the Shakey’s Mobile App.

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