Pastry Desserts Buy 1 Take 1 at S&R

Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs Close Up


I saw these Poppies Petits Fours Belgian Mini Pastries on Buy 1 Take 1 a few days ago at S&R Shaw, but I believe that they are also available at all S&R branches.

This one is P899.95 for 2 boxes of 52 dessert pcs per box! If my calculations are correct, that’s just P8.65 per dessert! The dessert pieces include eclairs, macarons, cakes, truffles, etc…

These were at the freezer section near the ice cream.

We so wanted to buy as much as we could of these but don’t have enough freezer and refrigerator space to keep them.

Petits Fours Belgian Mini Pastries Buy 1 Take 1

This 48-pc Poppies Petit Indulgence is also on Buy 1 Take 1 at P849.95 for 2 boxes (a total of 96 pcs of dessert!)

Poppies Petit Indulgence Buy 1 Take 1

We ended up buying this 36-pc Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs instead, which was also on Buy 1 Take 1 at P499.95 for 2 boxes. It was smaller and can fit in our very full ref much easier.

Trio Mini Eclairs Buy 1 Take 1

Poppies Mini Eclairs

Inside are 3 trays of 12 mini eclairs each. There are 3 flavors – chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel.

Poppies Mini Eclairs Inside Packs

Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs Close Up

They have a topping and a filling of the same flavor. We kept it in the refrigerator to thaw, AND it was gone in 3 days! My mom liked it and requested it for dessert after every meal.

Poppies Trio Mini Eclairs Close Up Cross Section

The eclairs were soft and moist. The filling stayed intact and did not make the choux pastry soggy. It’s a nice dessert to have at home so you’ll have something nice & sweet when you have a craving – you don’t have to go out and make an effort to buy a fancy dessert.

I think it’s also presentable to serve guests when your friends come over or your children’s friends come over. Expiration isn’t until 2017 so you can keep them for a while.

The Buy 1 Take 1 promo for these at S&R is until the end of July. Get them while you can. We are actually actively making space in the refrigerator so we can fit a bigger box. Sayang if you don’t take the opportunity to get these on Buy 1 Take 1!

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