Buy 1 Take 1 on S&R Ring Cakes!

SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Ring Cakes Bakery Item of the Week

These Ring Cakes are on Buy 1 Take 1 this week!

  • Apple Raisin Creme Ring Cake
  • US Vanilla Marble Creme Ring Cake
  • US Double Choco Chip Creme Ring Cake

They are P299.95 each (Buy 1 Take 1 gets you 2 for P299.95!)
SnR Buy 1 Take 1 Ring Cakes
These cakes are very moist and keep moist even after some time in the refrigerator! We buy them at Buy 1 Take 1 and they remain good even days after the best before date. They are great warmed and spread with a bit of butter (white cake) or cream (chocolate).

I love them paired with coffee or cold milk, cold soymilk or cold orange juice.

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