Buy 1 Take 1 Downy Haul from Robinsons Supermarket

Robinsons Supermarket Downy Buy 1 Take 1

Yesterday, we went to Eastwood because I wanted to go back to eat at Annam Noodle Bar. While we were walking around Eastwood, we decided to check out the supermarket there since we had some grocery errands.

The supermarket there was a Robinsons Supermarket. It was actually my first time to step foot inside this one since I have never done any grocery shopping while at Eastwood. It was more of an eating & meeting with friends kind of place for me.


Anyway, while we were walking around Robinsons Supermarket, we saw a guy with a cart filled with Downy (the expensive, Parfum Collection kind), packed together, obviously Buy 1 Take 1. The guy looked rich and really did not seem like the type to deign to hoard Buy 1 Take 1’s, haha. It goes to show, don’t judge people by their appearance. Or, more accurately, I think — people will always want a good deal.

My sister and I looked at each other and promptly went searching for the laundry aisle. We found it! There were some packs of Downy Parfum Collection packed for Buy 1 Take 1. The 1.6 L pack was P301.00 for 2 packs (B1T1). The 800 mL pack was P177.00 for 2 packs (B1T1).

We did some calculations, and figured that for the 1.6 L Downy, at Buy 1 Take 1, P301.00 divided by 3.2 L, that’s P94.00 per liter, which was really much, much cheaper than the one we’re using now. Also, it’s a great deal because we get to use “premium” fabric conditioner that will cost less than the fabric conditioner we’re using now.

Robinsons Supermarket Downy Buy 1 Take 1 Big

Well of course, we bought 6 packs!  Never let a good promo go to waste!


We also saw this 1 Kg bottle of Kewpie Mayonnaise on Buy 1 Take 1. It was P410.00 for 2 x 1-kg bottles. So that’s only P205 per bottle. The best before date is Aug. 31, 2016, but I’m sure we’ll use it up before then.

Robinsons Supermarket Kewpie Buy 1 Take 1

I like using Kewpie Mayo for sandwiches and cucumber kani salads. This is different from the Kewpie Japanese Mayo, but hey, it’s Buy 1 Take 1, and taste-wise, they’ll do interchangeably, anyway.

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