Buy 1 Take 1 Cream Cheese & Cheese Slices Haul

Robinsons Supermarket Haul Buy 1 Take 1 Cream Cheese American SlicesMy dad came home last night with this haul of Buy 1 Take 1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese and American Cheese Slices from Robinsons Supermarket.

Oh. My. God. That’s like 12 bars of Philadelphia Original cream cheese and 10 packs of Kraft Singles.

The cheeses are expiring in March but if kept in the refrigerator, usually last a whole lot longer, like maybe 3-6 months or more. Actually, we’ve had some that were still good even after a year. As long as they are sealed and unopened, they’ll last a while. But once they’re opened, you have to use them up quickly, like within 1-2 weeks.

Guess I will be spending the next few months making cheesecake and sandwiches! I already know everyone’s favorite cheesecake recipe – it’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s aunt/neighbor Nina’s recipe, but adapted because I don’t have access to Strega and use cream cheese instead of ricotta. This is the best cheesecake recipe I’ve used and it’s now my Holy Grail cheesecake recipe.

The Kraft Singles will make good cheese sandwiches and pair well with the Buy 1 Take 1 hams for some ham & cheese paninis! Also great for homemade burgers. I also like weird sandwich combinations like mayo, ham, mangoes, pickle relish, freshly ground black pepper and cheese; mayo, ham, pesto, and cheese; ube and cheese, etc… 

This is how we keep our refrigerator well-stocked for baon, breakfast, snacks hahaha, suki talaga sa Buy 1 Take 1!

Buy 1 Take 1 promos don’t happen very often. So when you do find them, you have to be ready to take advantage.

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14 thoughts on “Buy 1 Take 1 Cream Cheese & Cheese Slices Haul

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      We usually see these sales at Robinsons Otis supermarket. We like to go there because it’s free parking and they are open until 10pm. And because madalas maraming Buy 1 Take 1 hahhaa 🙂 tiempo tiempo lang, pero madalas meron. You can try other Robinsons supermarket branches na walang masyadong taong pumupunta, I notice mas nagsasale sila sa not so popular stores to encourage more people to visit.

      You can find different things on sale. Sometimes good stuff like imported butter & cheese, sometimes just cookies or drinks lang. Dapat medyo madalas pagpunta 🙂

  1. andrea

    Hi! Do you know if Philadelphia Cream Cheese is still available in the Philippine market? I’ve been to Robinsons and SM Supermarkets but can’t find any. And it’s really been a while now 🙁

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello andrea 🙂 Yes, I just saw Philadelphia Cream Cheese at S&R The Fort last Wednesday. I haven’t really paid attention when at the other supermarkets recently, I haven’t been there for a few weeks, but we’ve been able to buy Philadelphia Cream Cheese at Robinsons Supermarket a few months ago.

  2. Christian

    Try niyo sa mismong distributor nian bumili (may mini grocery dito para sa mga local costumers) … which is dun kame nag wwork…

    Federated Distributors, Inc. –> dyan galing ang mga kraft phil. na binebenta ng robinsons.

    Parañaque City…

    1. Christian

      as of today, may sale kame

      kraft american singles and cream cheese for sale:
      2%milk less fat = php76 (april14, 2016)
      16 slices = php68 (april 8 & 16, 2016)
      72 slices = php296 (april 1 &4, 2016)
      cream cheese 2kg. = php286 (april 20, 2016)

      habol kayo ngayong araw lang to.

  3. natzsm

    I remember one time when I was right at the refrigerated display of Cash and Carry when a merchandiser was displaying buy1-take1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I took the whole case!


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