Updated: Facebook and Instagram is down!

Facebook Instagram Down Outage Jan 27, 2015Just a few minutes ago, Facebook and Instagram went down. Reports from Twitter claim that it is a worldwide outage.

Around 2:30pm, Philippine Time, I checked my Instagram (got a notification that someone commented on a post), and my Instagram app could not refresh its feed.

I was still able to check Facebook and 10 minutes ago, (around 2:40pm Philippine Standard Time), Facebook too became inaccessible.

At first I thought it was my internet service that was the problem, but I was able to access other websites, and upon checking Twitter, yup, it’s definitely just Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is still up, though! #facebookdown is trending!


As of 3:12 pm, Facebook is back up!

As of 3:18 pm, Instagram is back up!

Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat attack.

People have been talking about checking their MySpace while Facebook was down. Here are more jokes and humor from Twitter about #facebookdown2015.

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