Boost Launch with Fabulous Over-50 Celebs + Review + Recipes

Boost Nestle Health Science Manila Launch

Last Wednesday, I was invited to a star-studded event for the launch of Boost, a nutritional powdered supplement drink from Nestle Health Science.


Boost is specially formulated for adults 50 and up to address their nutritional needs as they age in order to get the most out of life – to live up and be their best.

Five celebrities who are prime examples of active people over-50 are the “models” for Boost. They are:

  • The showstopping Tessa Prieto-Valdes, always unmistakable and sparkling.
  • The unbelievably beautiful Zsa Zsa Padilla, you’d never think she was over 50!
  • Strong, fit and athletic Ruby Gan, who is competing for a bodybuilding competition abroad!
  • Music man Ramon “RJ” Jacinto, still playing the guitar and still jamming!
  • Sporty Quinito Henson, who plays a mean game of squash and averages 14,000 steps a day when I only average 7,000 steps.

Boost Nestle Health Science Manila Launch Quinito Henson RJ Ruby Gan

Boost Nestle Health Science Manila Launch Zsa Zsa Padilla Tessa Christine Jacobs

They shared their stories about how they are now more active, and plan to continue being active, with the help of Boost. Even over 50, these celebrities are still hitting goals and milestones.

Also with them were their children, who shared how their parents now had more energy and daring to do more. Age should never be an excuse to stop yourself from trying new things, according to RJ.

Zsa Zsa Padilla just recently learned how to drive and just got her license at 51!

Research shows that special nutrition may help to manage the normal changes our bodies go through during life. It is important to consider that nutritional needs tend to evolve with time and gradual changes in lifestyle, dietary habits, and metabolism often develop. That is why Nestle Health Science developed the Boost range. It takes into consideration what nutrition may be lacking in the diets of adults 50 and up, and these oral nutritional supplements can positively impact their nutritional intake to help them stay healthy and active.

Even if we are not yet 50, we can still take Boost to keep us healthy, too. It’s not just for those over-50. If you feel like you need the extra nutrition and the extra vitality, you can definitely take Boost.


There are 3 Boost variants available right now:

  • Boost Optimum for immunity and overall health
  • Boost Mobilis to strengthen joints, muscles and bones
  • Boost Energis for vitality

The only available flavor right now is vanilla, and we were able to try a glass. It tastes a bit like powdered milk. Reminds me a bit of the imported vanilla pudding from the supermarket. There’s no sugar added so it’s not too sweet. All in all, the taste is quite acceptable and I think my parents will drink it.

Boost Nestle Health Science Nutritional Drink

But just in case you are bored with just a plain glass Boost and want to do more with Boost, you can actually make shakes and smoothies using Boost! I’ll share some recipes from Nestle below.

Anyway, here is what the Boost Optimum looks like:

Boost Nestle Health Science Nutritional Drink Powder

The Boost Optimum comes with a scoop.

Boost was previously Nutren Boost. When I was talking with my dad’s dietician the other day, I asked her if my dad can take Boost and she said, yes, he can take Nutren Boost, but that there’s a Nutren variant for diabetics that is more appropriate for him. I’m like, Nutren what? That’s how I found out that Boost used to be called Nutren Boost.

Live the best you possibly can and discover more of life’s #possibilitieswithBOOST.

For more information, you may visit Boost’s Facebook Page @NestleBoostPH


Boost is currently available in Mercury Drug Stores and comes in three variants: Optimum 800g Php 1,560 and 400g Php 797, Energis 480g Php 595, and Mobilis 405g Php 595.

For the convenience of having your products delivered right at your doorstep, you may contact [email protected]


Here I’m sharing some of the recipes that we were given. Have fun!

Nestle Boost Recipes Nestle Boost Recipes Nestle Boost Recipes Nestle Boost Recipes

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