BlueWater Day Spa Introduces New Brand Ambassadors

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassadors Kim Chiu

BlueWater Day Spa – it sounds like an expensive, posh spa, and I had never tried them before because I thought their prices were at the level of 5-star hotel spas.

A few days ago, I was invited to the launch of the spa’s new brand ambassadors at Novotel. It was easily accessible to me, and I was also curious about the spa, so I went. 🙂

While the brand ambassadors were being presented, I was checking out the price list and shocker! The prices were not as high as I had expected them to be. More on that below, but first, let me introduce the latest brand ambassadors for BlueWater Day Spa.


Last October 10, BlueWater Day Spa held a grand launch for their latest brand ambassadors to promote its current lineup of massage services and wellness treatments.

Event host Fabio Ide introduced each of the BlueWater Day Spa ambassadors with the specific massage/treatment that each is promoting.

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Kim Chiu Fabio Ide

Celebrity endorser and actress Kim Chiu for the Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Kim Chiu Massage

Manila Times COO Blanca Mercado for the Anti-Aging Facial:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Blanca Mercado

Actor and model Ervic Vijandre for the Traditional Filipino Hilot:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Eric Vijandre

Actor Benjamin Alves for the Athlete’s Massage:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Benjamin Alves

Actor and model David Licaoco for the Combo Herbal Massage:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador David Licaoco

Man of the World 2017 Mustafa Galal Elezali for the Revitashape:

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Mustafa Galal Elezali

And for the very popular Baby Massage, promoting it are BWDS’ youngest brand ambassadors Yasmine Chloe Simisim, Kurt Wyatt T. Yap, and Jaden Emmanuel Trinidad.

BlueWater Day Spa Brand Ambassador Babies


October is BlueWater Day Spa’s anniversary month, and they are offering 40% OFF selected beauty and wellness services! That’s 40% OFF for selected wellness & beauty services for the whole month of October 2017.

Update: Upon further clarification with the branch, the promo is only for Makati and Ortigas branches. 40% OFF for Diamond Peel, Revita Firm / Shape, and you need to buy a minimum of 5 vouchers of the same service. For massages, it’s 30% OFF and you also need to buy 5 vouchers. For foot treatments, it’s 20% OFF and you also need to purchase 5 vouchers.

Take this chance to try those services that sound really interesting. I am looking forward to trying the Lymphatic Drainage Massage (P750) or their Cellulite Melter (P900).

Lymphatic Drainage Massage detoxifies and slims. They basically stimulate the lymph nodes so that wastes and toxins in your body can get flushed out. Good for people with wrinkles, eye bags, cellulite, sleeping disorders, PMS, etc…

I had expected their massage prices to be around P1,500, well, that was just the impression I got from their ads and the way they presented themselves. Turns out the massages are only from P800-P900, and some of them are 90 minutes already. So those are actually just around P600 per hour. It’s only a little bit more expensive than the budget massage chains, only about P100-200 difference, but I expect BlueWater Day Spa to have better facilities and service than the budget chains. They also have more not-so-common massages available, like the Athlete’s Massage (P950).

Oh, look! They do diamond peel for the body and underarms, too!

Here’s their price list:

BlueWater Day Spa Price List

They have something called a Therapeutic Colonic Massage (P800), and I don’t know what that is but it sounds interesting and like something that will help detoxify our colons.

They also have a Pregnancy Massage (P850) and a Baby Massage (P550), which are not commonly available in other massage places. Baby massage promotes the proper growth and healthy development of babies. It stimulates the nerves, increases blood flow, eases congestion, helps digestion, promotes better sleep, relieves teething pains and boosts the immune system.

I read some reviews from other bloggers, and BlueWater Day Spa seems to have good facilities. Some people might need massages every week and so go for the cheaper places, but if you are only getting a massage once every few months, you might want to spend just a little more to get better service, facilities, and a relaxing ambience.

When life gets busy and stressful, remember that we also need to take care of ourselves. Check out BlueWater Day Spa: they have branches in Makati, Ortigas, Capitol Hills, Eastwood, Cotabato, and even in my mother-side hometown of Naga City!

BlueWater Day Spa Contact Information

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      Thank you for letting me know! I’m clarifying with them now. During the event kasi and in the press materials, they just told us 40% OFF beauty & wellness treatments.


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