Blims Furniture Warehouse Sale Nov. 14-23, 2014

Blims Furniture Warehouse Sale Nov 2014

Blims is currently having a Warehouse Sale. The location is at #14 Williams St., Mandaluyong, from 10am – 8pm, from Nov. 14 – 23, 2014. That is until this Sunday!

When we first moved into our house a decade ago, I chanced upon a Blims Warehouse Sale too and we are still using the furniture that we bought then!

We were able to buy a nice 6-seater, expandable, real wood dining set for only P12,000. When I checked at other places, I saw similar dining sets going for P40,000 or higher. I couldn’t believe we were able to get such a good deal!

We were also able to buy extra, albeit mismatched, chairs (for extra seating) for only P150-200 each! And these are real, wooden chairs of the pre-fab kind, but still, real wood.

Just be careful and avoid buying particle board furniture. I bought a few at the Blims sale for really, really cheap, and I was able to use them for a few years, but they have a tendency to disintegrate if they get wet.

What’s particle board? It’s that wood-like material that is used in a lot of furniture nowadays. You can tell by looking at the edges (if they aren’t covered up), particle board is basically sawdust that has been glued together to form fake “wood”. It’s lighter, and cheaper. And for some types of furniture, it’s okay to use. But if you think your furniture is going to be exposed to the water, even by accident (near a window, or a sink, for example), avoid particle board.

Here are some pictures of the items on sale from Blims’ FB page:

Blims Furniture Warehouse Sale Nov 2014 4

Blims Furniture Warehouse Sale Nov 2014 3

Blims Furniture Warehouse Sale Nov 2014 2

Blims Furniture Sale Nov 2014 2

Blims Furniture Sale Nov 2014

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