Beauty & Make-Up Haul – May 2015

May Makeup Haul Maybelline In2it Shawill Ponds Pixy

Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, etc… were all having sales last weekend at the SM Makeup section, and on top of that, I was also able to get an additional 10% discount on everything bought from the SM Watson’s / Health & Beauty section! This was during the Watson’s Nationwide Sale from May 15-17, 2015. Some of these items I bought earlier in the month at another Watson’s sale.

FYI, Maybelline & L’Oreal sales are still ongoing until the end of May 2015!

Check out a quick review and swatches of these products here!

Let me share my haul!

1. Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation in Natural (regular price P299.00, less 10% = P269.10)

I have been wanting to try this out ever since it came out a few months ago. I have wanted a refillable powder for a long time so I finally bought one! My blue Maybelline powder has also started to hit the pan, so it’s a good excuse to try out a new powder, right? 

2. In2It Highlighter (Pearl Powder Bricks) in the shade Candy (regular price P550, less 15% was P467.75, less 10% = P421.00)

Finally! I have also been wanting one of these swirly color things for a long time. There are only 2 brands selling this type of highlighter at SM Health & Beauty – In2It and Revlon. Revlon’s was actually much cheaper because it was at 50% OFF (only P312.50), but I thought the Revlon highlighter’s glitters were too big – they were actually like little diamond flecks, and some people really love that. Actually, I do like it and find it prettier because the little girl in me loves glitter. But the practical person in me wants something less showy. I don’t want people to comment that it looks like I threw silver dust on my face. It depends on what you are looking for in a highlighter. In2It’s highlighter’s glitters were less noticeable and were finer.

3. Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream (regular price P699, less 25% was P524.00, less 10% = P471.60)

Etude House is still out of stock on my favorite Moistfull Collagen Cream, and I just used up my current moisturizer. Trying this because… it was on sale  I’ve had generally good experiences with Pond’s products (except their face wash which dries my skin), so I took a chance and tried it because it was on sale, anyway.

4. Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in the shade MF21 (regular price P329, less P100 was P229, less 10% = P206.10)

I was actually looking for a coral shade. All my lipsticks seem to be berry-colored, and I have a few nudes. But I realized I totally did not have any coral shade lipstick! Spent hours trying different shades at the Maybelline counter and ended up with another berry shade, LOL! All those orangey lipsticks just make me look weird 

5. Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick in the shade MAT4 (regular price P399, less P100 was P299, less 10% = P269.10)

Finally, finally, finally. A coral lipstick that actually looks really good on me. This was the only coral lipstick that looked favorable on me out of all the shades I tried!

6. Pixy Matte Lasting Matte Lipstick in the shade Be in Love (regular price P325, less 10% was P292.50, less 10% = P263.25)

I have also been looking for a nice, natural looking, light pink shade. Almost all the other pink shades I have tested through the years were either too shiny, too light, too pink, too lilac, too violet, too cyberpunk. I usually don’t even bother looking at the Pixy counter when I browse, but I was desperate. And I’m so happy to find this color! The pink is light but very natural-looking. When I wear it, it’s like I’m not even wearing lipstick, but my lips look nicer with a tinge of pink.

7. Shawill Eye Two Way Eyebrow Cake (regular price P128, less 10% = P115.20)

I am loving this Shawill eyebrow cake! At P115.20, it was a good buy. After just using a pencil for my eyebrows, it’s nice to finally upgrade to an eyebrow kit.

8. Shawill Eyeshadow & Blusher in 004 (I lost the receipt and forgot exactly how much this was, but if I remember correctly, it was somewhere around P200+, and I got a 10% discount as well. I will going to the mall anyway today for a check-up at Let’s Face It, so I’ll update this post once I check the price. This is P195.00, less 10% = P175.50)

I bought this because I have been pining for something similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are uber-expensive at close to P3,000 each, but they are known for the very good color payoff of their eyeshadows.

Now since I decided to get the Shawill Eyebrow Cake, the sales girl was trying to upsell me on trying other Shawill products and swatched some of these eyeshadows on me. I was surprised at the amazing color payoff! The eyeshadows felt really nice! And they were affordable!

I will be doing quick reviews of these products within the week. Stay tuned!

May Makeup Haul Maybelline In2it Shawill Ponds Pixy Labeled

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