Beauty and the Beast 2012, Season 2 Episode 9

Beauty and the Beast 2012I’ve been watching this series since it started. It didn’t really catch my attention all that much. There was something missing. I don’t know. I think it was because there was no chemistry between the two leads and also because The Beast is a wuss. By that, I mean, he is indecisive and waffles between pursuing a relationship with the girl or letting her go “for her own good”. And then after that, he got amnesia so we got to go through the whole dance of should he or shouldn’t he date Catherine, AGAIN, yipee, NOT. I had actually started losing interest in the series a long time ago, but only watched it out of habit (since I like to finish what I start), and also because the supporting characters were waaay more interesting than the main characters! I love Gabe, JT and Tess. They bring life to the boring story, and I’m actually more interested in what happens to them.

In this episode, it seems like Beauty and The Beast finally broke up because she shot him (he left her no choice, because he is such a wussy beast that he can’t even control himself). Finally! It seems like Cat is ready to move on and was open to having coffee with Gabe. Vincent seems to have acquired a new groupie (another beast, a female, who seems like she would be a better match for him than Cat). Tess and JT seem to be getting along (I’m rooting for this pairing). I think I am going to stop watching this series now while they are all still in a happy place. I don’t want to see another Vincent/Cat relationship dance. Vincent really is the worst Beast ever. Why? Well, maybe because I expected The Beast to be a commanding presence, who made good decisions and stuck to them, who commanded respect from the people who work with him. This Beast can’t control his temper, often gets shot/tranqued by his own people, gets his strings pulled by his enemies, and resolves things by relying on his acute senses and strength (called “beasting out”) and not necessarily by any spark of intelligence. His decisions or non-decisions make me roll my eyes sometimes. He is actually quite reactive.

Gabe and Cat make a much better couple. He likes her, he pursues her but with consideration and thoughtfulness. He had issues but he was proactive in dealing with them (okay, some of his methods might have been questionable). And they have much better chemistry. Vincent always struck me as shifty.

I might catch this series again some time in the future just to see what was going on, but I’m not going to waste another hour a week on it anymore.

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