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SnR April 2017 Summer Promos
What are you planning to do during the long weekend? It’s summer, and if you want to avoid the traffic and enjoy the peace, why not have a laid back summer barbecue at home?


Oh, the weather is so hot this April despite the occasional rains. I’ve been indulging in ice cream some afternoons to help me keep cool, so having a well-stocked freezer helps! Load up on your favorite ice cream so you’ll always have something ready for guests and of course, for yourself!

Last week’s grocery run at S&R yielded some summer treats like Buy 1 Take 1 on Hiland ice cream and a promo on my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia!

SnR April 2017 Hiland Ice Cream B1T1

If you are a Cherry Garcia fan, you must pounce while they are available and on promo! The flavor is not always available. Trust me, I know!

S&R Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Promo

Other ice creams on promo:

S&R Blue Bunny Butter Pecan

S&R Blue Bunny Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

S&R Blue Bunny Ice Cream Promos April 2017

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Checking out the TVs, I was quite surprised to see a “branded” 32″ LED TV for less than P10,000! This one from Philips is only P9,900! It’s rare to find a “branded” TV at this price.

Philips 32" LED TV

Philips LED TV Spec Price

I also saw this 32″ Sharp LED TV that has HDMI, USB, etc.. for only P10,898! Once upon a time, a TV like this would cost around P30,000! Now it’s only P10,898!


There’s nothing wrong with the TV screen, I think I just took a picture at the wrong time…

It’s not a smart TV, but honestly, we have a Smart TV and we don’t use the “smart” features at all. Typing things on the TV itself is way more trouble than it’s worth, it’s slow, and we just end up connecting a laptop to it via HDMI. So until they find a way to make it more user-friendly, a basic TV is okay by me.

Sharp 32" LED TV Specs Price

You can also easily turn your basic TV into a smart TV by buying an Android TV box and installing something like Kodi on it.  An android box costs around P3,000 on average. There’s even mini PC sticks available like the Intel Compute Stick that can turn your basic TV into a Windows 10 computer!

Inverter Window-Type Airconditioner

Most inverter airconditioners are the split-type, and I know it’ a bit difficult to find a window-type inverter airconditioner. But some of us might prefer the window-type because we already have the square hole in the wall at home, and installing a split-type ac is more compllicated. Also, aircon cleaning for window types is also about half the price of the cleaning price for split types. For window types, it’s only around P500 (or less), for split types, I asked and it was around P1,000-1,200. Remember that aircon cleaning is something that you need to hire someone to do every few months, depending on how dusty your area is.

Anyway, I saw these inverter window-type aircons at S&R and thought to share them in case someone was looking for one. The brand is American Home, not exactly a brand known for aircons, but it’s an option. Also, the brand has many other appliance products, too. I saw a 1 HP and a 1.5 HP model.

This is the 1 HP:

American Home Inverter Air Conditioner

The specs and pricing:

American Home Inverter Air Conditioner Specs

American Home Inverter Air Conditioner Price

I am thinking about buying one for my bedroom, but I’ll have to come back with measurements first to check if it will fit my aircon wall hole (whatever is the proper term for that?  ).


Summer is always time for a barbecue! The barbecue grills are on promo:

BBQ Grills Promos

Weber Grill April 2017

Grill Topper April 2017

After looking at the barbecue grills, here’s what to cook on your grill!

Saw these Ranch House Ground Beef, Angus Ribeye Steak, and Sirloin Steaks on promo:

Ranch House Beef Promos

Click to enlarge

Ranch House Tenderloin Steak and Loin T-Bone Steaks:


However, if you are looking for something big enough to feed everyone, consider this Ranch House Ribeye Steak that is almost 1.4 kilograms!

Ranch House Ribeye Steak

Ranch House Ribeye Steak

Ranch House Ribeye Steak

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Summer is not summer without grilling some ribs!!! If you don’t have time to trim, marinate and grill ribs from scratch, try these Lloyd’s St. Louis style ribs. All you need to do is just to throw them on the grill!

Lloyd's BBQ Ribs

Of course, you’ll need containers to store all your yummy food! We already have these 4-cup round glass containers by Kitchen Classics at home. We use them to store food and keep leftovers in the refrigerator, and they work really great, and are microwaveable (no cover)! Now that they’re Buy 1 Take 1, I am going to stock up. You should, too! That’s only P150 per container!

Kitchen Classic Glass Containers Round

These are new – saw these 18-pc glass containers set to store your summer picnic food!!! If you buy the glass containers individually, they’d be way more expensive! All these for about P1,000 is actually a good deal. Darn it, I’m so excited to have a picnic now! 

Be Essentials Glass Containers Set

If you’re watching your weight to keep your summer body, you might want to check out the Butterball Chunky Turkey that is on Buy 1 Take 1 

Butterball Turkey Buy 1 Take 1

Here are other food stuff on promo:

Jacobsens Danish Cookies B1T1

Mrs. Thinsters Cookies

For Matcha lovers:

Nikkoh Almond Matcha Choco

Nikkoh Almond Matcha Choco

Kitkat Green Tea


These Mr. Coffee Maren travel bottles not only keep hot drinks hot, but more importantly right now, they also keep COLD DRINKS COLD. They’re great for keeping cold water with you throughout the day, and because they are made with stainless steel, they won’t leach toxic chemicals into your water unlike some plastics even if you leave it in your car. They are 17 oz (about 500 ml) so it’s enough for me for one hot afternoon out and about.

Also, Mr. Coffee is a solid consumer brand.

Mr. Coffee Travel Mug Buy 1 Take 1

I just checked them on Amazon and they are selling there for $15 (P750) each! These are only 2 for P499.95 at S&R!!! So that’s what, P250 each? Get them while they are on promo! I just made a list of people and I’m going back for these Mr. Coffee travel bottles to buy as Christmas gifts, I like buying gifts early to avoid the Christmas panic, and I’m also getting a very good deal on these, too! I’m also getting one for myself, I like the gold / copper colored one! 

If you’re heading out to the beach, you might want to bring along a big beach towel  Saw this Dream Caribbean Beach Towel on promo, it looks just like the perfect color scheme for the beach!

SnR April 2017 Dream Caribbean Beach Towel

Ally Moisturizing Lotion on Buy 1 Take 1:

Ally Moisturizing Lotion Buy 1 Take 1

Ally Moisturizing Lotion Buy 1 Take 1

Beauty fave Simple Micellar Water is available at S&R!

Simple Micellar Water

Hope you enjoyed this post! Enjoy your long weekend! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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