Barat Ako! Is Back Online!

Barat Ako is Back Online!

We’re back online!

Finally, after having been down since Thursday night, we’re back.

If you were wondering what happened – last Thursday night, I worked on replacing the nrelate plugin, tried different plugins and somehow my WordPress broke. The text wouldn’t show up on all my posts. I suspect it was an incompatibility with my old theme that caused the problem, since all the text showed up using the default themes. I won’t bother you with the dirty details, but ended up having to reinstall WordPress, rebuild the site from the ground up and ended up creating my own child theme.

I have been feverishly working round the clock to get the site back up. It’s back up now. I still have some work to do with the images not showing up the way they’re supposed to. I’ll be working on that next. There’s still about 10% work that needs to be done, but I wanted to get the site back up as quickly as possible because a lot of people have been visiting and leaving sad and empty-handed.

I’ll start posting new posts and sales alerts again next week.

Big thank you to and Their sites were how I got through this.


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