Barat Ako Included In Top 100 Pinoy Blogs By Worth for July 2015!

Barat Ako Top Philippine Blogs Food Featured Image

Thank you again to all my readers!

Blogmeter came out with July’s Top Blogs list and Barat Ako is in it!

Thank you very much to all my readers. I started the blog to share my experiences, and useful tips and information to people like me who like to get value for their money, and to share my love of food as well. I am so glad you found my blog, please continue to visit and read and find something interesting. I promise to try and come up with something nice for you to read!

I am not affiliated with Blogmeter. I am just happy that they found my blog and included it in their list!

Blogmeter Top 20 Food Blogs July 2015 Blogmeter Top 100 Philippine Blogs July 2015

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4 thoughts on “Barat Ako Included In Top 100 Pinoy Blogs By Worth for July 2015!

  1. Josh

    Well of course you must be on the list. Your blog was so reliable and you are very accomodating when it comes to our queries. Glad you make it ☺


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