Back Alley Barbershop Review – P400 Haircut with Free Sapporo Beer!

Back Alley Barbershop Exteriors

I love rainy weather, it just energizes me. I don’t like wading through the floods that they bring, but generally, walking around in rainy weather makes me happy. So we were walking around Bonifacio High Street last Saturday despite the heavy rains, had a late lunch at Pound by Todd English (they have a P50 promo), and decided to check out Santi’s, when J saw this barbershop beside Santi’s and remembered that he needed a haircut.


Back Alley Barbershop is literally located in a back alley. I don’t think I’ve even been in this area before. I almost always pass by the front part of this area so I didn’t even know that there was a Santi’s here before we googled it.

Anyway, it is located in that area in Bonifacio High Street on 7th Avenue, ground floor, somewhere behind where Mango Tree is. Look for the signs that say “To Parking” and when you see the Concierge desk, it’s just past the corner on the left.

A haircut is P400 and includes shampoo, haircut, a quick massage (head, face, shoulder, back, arms), hair wax, and coffee or beer. Of course, J chose to get the beer! It’s his favorite, Sapporo.

Back Alley Barbershop Free Beer

The waiting area was just 2 chairs, but it was okay. I was just browsing Facebook while waiting. The place was spacious, air-conditioned, and had a slight retro vibe.

Back Alley Barbershop Interiors

According to J, this was a good value, especially with the beer. For someone who used to get really cheap haircuts from the neighborhood barbero years ago, he has now upgraded his preferences to P400-P600 haircuts  I bet back then that he would never have thought that he would willingly pay P400 for a haircut, but here we are.

I asked J if he found a new regular barbershop to visit. He said that he really liked the place, and if we were in the area when he needed a haircut, he would definitely go back. However, the location is a bit too out of the way to make the effort just for a haircut. He said the massage was better than the usual quick massages he got from other barbershops.

Here’s the #PoundPH P50 promo:

Here is the contact information for Back Alley Barbershop:

Back Alley Barbershop Contact Info

Back Alley Barbershop
G/F Building C3
Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th St., BGC
Instagram: @backalleybarbershop
Mobile Numbers: +63 995 273 8869     +63 939 299 2420

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