Arrow’s Stephen Amell Fights Stardust in WWE Summerslam!

Stephen Amell Summerslam 2015


Any Arrow fans here? Just want to let you know that Stephen Amell got into a tag team match at the WWE! Yes, wrestling!

Our favorite hunk, Stephen Amell, went on WWE Summerslam to fight Stardust. It was a tag team match: Stephen Amell & Neville vs. Stardust and King Barrett.

I admit, I have not kept up with WWE’s Superstars since after high school, but I do occasionally catch snippets because my dad still watches wrestling when there’s nothing better on TV. So when I saw Stephen Amell get in that “fight” with Stardust two weeks ago, and learned that he would be fighting in the ring, I got excited!

Here’s when Stardust suckerpunched Stephen Amell and Stephen retaliated by jumping into the ring, and got himself a match at Summerslam:

Like me, I am sure Arrow fans will watch WWE Summerslam 2015 just to see Stephen wrestle!

All the promotions I saw – from the video of Stephen packing for his trip and bringing his Arrow suit, to the Twitter war with Stardust, tells me that this is obviously scripted. But who cares? It’s all in good fun! It’s entertainment!

The previous season of Arrow ended three months ago, the new season (Season 4) won’t start until October, so it’s nice that they’re doing something in between to keep fans hyped and happy.

Summerslam 2015 happened earlier today (Monday, Aug. 24, 7am, Philippine Time, shown live on Fox). Of course I missed it! But there will be a rerun tonight at 9:50pm, which I plan to watch (station: Fox). I am sure there will also be reruns tomorrow and on the weekend.

WWE’s Summerslam 2015 is pay per view in the US – I’m just glad we can watch it here for free (as long as you have the Fox channel on cable). At this time, I couldn’t find any place to get the entire thing online at a reasonable file size, so I had to content myself with this WWE clip:

By all accounts, Stephen did well in his first wrestling match. Obviously, he’s not a pro-wrestler, but I’m still excited to watch this! Are you?

Joke of the Day: Stephen Amell’s tag team partner, Neville, is also called the Red Arrow. Stephen Amell’s character is called the Green Arrow. So their tag team can be called the…. Christmas Arrow? 

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