Arrow – Season 3, Episode 1 “The Calm” Recap

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Oh, wow. Just finished watching the first episode of this season’s Arrow. I am so glad the gang’s back. I realize I actually missed them.

There’s so much to tell!

Detective Lance is now Captain Lance, and recognizing all the good that The Arrow has done for Starling City, he’s disbanded the task force hunting The Arrow.

Oliver starts to think that he’s in a good place to try and start a relationship. That hasn’t stopped him before, having had a string of girlfriends since he came back, but, oh well, let’s go with it.

SPOILER ALERT! Well, not really since it was all over the previews…

Oliver finally asks Felicity out on a date!

Felicity’s day job now is working at some Best Buy-type place and some guy walks in to buy something, they end up talking, and Felicity teaches him some tricks on how to hack a network.

Felicity cleans up real nice. There’s a supermodel under that geek chic. But bad guy of the week ruins the date. He put a tracker on The Arrow, tracked him and fired some rocket thing into the restaurant where Oli and Felicity were having their date. Explosion. People died. But our two favorite people survive, thanks to Oliver’s sensitive hearing and quick reflexes.

This makes Oliver rethink whether pursuing a relationship with Felicity is a good idea. He was so excited about his date that he didn’t notice the tracker planted on him, and he blames himself for losing focus.

The Arrow chases the bad guy of the week – some guy who’s trying to be the new Count Vertigo. Detective Lance has a heart condition and gets a heart attack while saving The Arrow. He can’t be out on the field anymore. He has a mini identity crisis thing going on – if he’s not a cop, what is he? Being a cop is the only thing he knows how to be.

Oliver and Felicity then meet with the board to try to convince them to give control of Queen Consolidated back to Oliver. But the guy who talked with Felicity at the Best Buy place turned out to be Ray Palmer, and he also wants control of Queen Consolidated. His speech seemed to impress the board more than Oliver’s. FYI, Ray Palmer is the name of The Atom (another character in the DC universe), and the actor playing him here is Superman Brandon Routh.

They find out that the bad guy is going to blow up some mob bosses during a boxing match at an arena.

Diggle is about to be a father, so Oliver keeps him away from the action, away from danger. This annoys Diggle, but in the end, he realizes that Oliver was right.

Oliver and Roy go to stop the bad guy. Roy stays to disable to bomb while Oliver goes to chase the bad guy. Sara shows up and helps.

Lyla gives birth and Felicity goes to the hospital to see them. While walking to the room, Ray Palmer talks to Felicity to apologize. Felicity is still mad at him but I think their witty banter is cute. She really has no one else to talk to at her level, so I think this is a good development. Since Ray Palmer is supposed to be The Atom, I’m hoping he turns out to be a good guy.

Oliver talks to Felicity and tries to explain why they can’t be together. Poor Felicity. It’s poor comfort to know that someone loves you but can’t be with you. Oliver kisses Felicity to show that he really does love her. Sad. But on the bright side, she’s now free to start something with Ray Palmer! Their minds are on the same intelligence wavelength so I think they’ll be a better match, anyway. What shall we call it? Raylicity?

Barry Allen calls Oliver to meet. The Flash just premiered the other night so this is a good continuity crossover from that episode.

Laurel and Sara meet on a rooftop and catch up. Sara doesn’t want anybody else to know she’s in town, and why she’s in town. Laurel gets a work call and has to leave. Laurel walks out of the building, then…


Sara is looking out from the roof top, when a voice says, “Hello, Sara”. Sara turns around and says “What are you doing here?” Then she gets shot with 3 arrows and falls down from the building. Laurel sees her fall. Laurel runs to Sara’s bloody body and cries in anguish.

Throughout the episode, we keep getting flashbacks of Amanda Waller trying to recruit Oliver in Hong Kong. Can’t wait for the next episodes to find out what this is all about!

Next episode is going to be all about dealing with Sara’s death. You do know that Laurel is the one who’s really supposed to be the Black Canary, right? It was no surprise that Sara had to die to push Laurel in the direction of becoming the Black Canary in the future. But I was surprised they did it this soon and so fast. No long drawn out deaths. Just when Sara Lance was growing on me. I didn’t like Laurel when she was in her druggie phase, but she’s okay with me now and I hope she does a good Black Canary in the future.

So the mysteries are – who killed Sara? And where/ what happened to Thea? If she was the one who killed Sara under Malcolm Merlyn’s orders/ training, I am going to be so pissed.

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