Are you going to the Del Monte Kitchenomics 30th Anniversary Celebration?

Del Monte Kitchenomics
I’ve been a Kitchenomics Club member for more than a decade. A few days ago, I got an email inviting me to go to their 30th anniversary celebration.

I don’t know what games or raffles they have in store at the event, but I’m pretty excited to go. The Kitchenomics Club has always been a useful thing for me. It’s not one of those apps or memberships that just send spam. I was actually very happy every time I received their newsletters in the mail. They had a lot of recipes, free product samples, and tips. They even send birthday cards on my birthday. I don’t know why they stopped sending the paper newsletters, though. How should I let them know that I’m still alive and waiting for their newsletters? Maybe I’ll ask them on Oct. 12…

Some of my favorite recipes are Kitchenomics recipes. I love their Embutido with saba bananas (who would’ve thought to include saba?), and their Longganisa Kitchenomica (can’t find the recipe on the Del Monte site) is one of the things we try to have stocked in our freezer. Their old Beans Mexicana recipe (again, can’t find it at their site) is also one of our favorites. Their Fruit Cocktail Brownies are always a hit! It’s a very moist brownie, and who doesn’t like fruit cocktail on their brownie?

So, are you going to the celebration? It’s on Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014, 11am, at the Market! Market! Activity Center.

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