Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood!

Annam Exterior

Last week, I had the privilege of being invited to dinner at the newly opened Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood. I love Vietnamese food, especially Banh Mi, and I love a good Pho, too.

Annam Noodle Bar serves iconic Vietnamese street food, and is the first Philippine branch of Singapore’s NamNam Noodle Bar. The slight twist to the name has to do with trademark issues they ran into in the Philippines, where there are several, unrelated brands using the word namnam. Annam Noodle Bar is located on the ground floor of 1880 Building in Eastwood, right across from Project Pie. If you are coming from Eastwood Mall, just walk to the area behind Jamba Juice to the outside of the building, facing the street. You can’t miss it!

Annam Interiors

I love the interiors – it is Vietnamese-inspired but still hip. It’s not the traditional Vietnamese restaurant design that you’d expect. Annam Noodle Bar has a young, industrial, energetic vibe. It’s casual, but still has little touches that recalls its Vietnamese heritage, like the use of the lanterns, the warm wood, and the displays of their house sauces like Hoisin sauce and Chilli sauce. They even have a Banh Mi station where you can watch them prepare your banh mi order, if you wish.

Annam Banh Mi Station

Annam Lamps Lanterns

Chef Nam Q Nguyen started Annam Noodle Bar in Singapore in 2012. The quick-service, trendy Vietnamese restaurant serving value-for-money food quickly became popular, evidenced by constantly long lines.

Annam Noodle Bar was brought to the Philippines by the Mothership Group of Restaurants.


Annam Noodle Bar serves healthy, fresh Vietnamese street food with NO MSG! Yes, really! No MSG.

Ordering is easy, you get an order slip pad and fill up the form to indicate your order, then give it to the wait staff.

Annam Ordering

Condiments are available on the table. Try their Hoisin sauce – it is lighter than what I am used to, but good. It won’t mask the flavors of the food you are dipping in it.

Annam Condiments

I started with some spring rolls. Here’s the Fresh Southern Rolls with Prawn, Pork, Fresh Herbs and Peanut Sauce (P170). These were soft and light, not very meaty nor heavy. The pork was flavored with lemongrass. It also had some soft noodles in the filling.

Annam Fresh Spring Rolls

Annam Fresh Spring Rolls Close Up

I also had their Crispy Imperial Rolls (P200). These were meaty and had a lovely, sweet, syrupy dip that I liked.

Annam Crispy Imperial Rolls

Here, I took a bite to show you what’s inside!

Annam Crispy Imperial Rolls Close Up

For the main dish, I had the Pho Australian Wagyu Beef Slices (P550). First of all, the broth is a winner! It was deeply flavorful, but not heavy tasting. I did not even feel the need to add any hoisin sauce to it, like I would usually do with other pho.

Annam Australian Wagyu Pho

The beef was not the flat, paper-thin slices of meat similar to other pho that I expected to see. They seem to have been tenderized first before being added to the pho. It still tasted very beefy, and I did not have any issue with it apart from the initial surprise. The beef is tender and easy to eat.

The pho at Annam Noodle Bar is Hanoi-style pho. It does not include the bean sprouts, basil leaves and lemon slices that we’re used to from other pho places.

I also had the Sauteed Lemongrass Pork, Cream Cheese Banh Mi (P250). This was delicious, although I think I would prefer more robust flavors. I prefer a stronger pate flavor and more cilantro.

Annam Lemongrass Pork Cream Cheese Banh Mi

They also sell their house hoisin sauce, chilli sauce, rice noodles, etc… in case you love them and want to take some home. 

For dessert, I had the Vanilla Pudding with Palm Sugar Caramel (P150). This is definitely a perfect dessert to cap off the meal. It is very smooth and creamy. Milky. Like a panna cotta. The syrup is distinctively made from palm sugar – I can definitely taste the coconut-y flavor of the syrup. Will definitely reorder!

Annam Vanilla Pudding

I think that’s a taro chip… anyway, check out the smooth, milky, creamy pudding with flecks of vanilla!

Annam Vanilla Pudding Close Up


Check out these value set promos that Annam Noodle Bar has ongoing – these bundles they will really save you a lot vs. if you ordered them separately.

Take the opportunity to find your favorites! I’m gonna make it my mission to try each of the banh mi’s…. 

Annam Lunch Set Promo

Annam Caphe Time Promo


The food at Annam Noodle Bar is satisfying, especially when you’re craving for lively Vietnamese flavors. Food is served quickly, so you can get your food fix resolved ASAP. The pho broth is quite good. I would definitely be going back there to introduce my friends to Annam Noodle Bar!

As a place billed in Singapore as a value-for-money, quick-service restaurant serving Vietnamese street food, I find the Manila prices a bit higher than expected for Manila prices. However, a quick check of the Singapore prices shows that it’s at par, and even a few pesos less, than Singapore prices. It’s about the same price in Manila as in Singapore when you convert SGD to pesos. Prices include 12% VAT and service charge. But then you save on the travel expense to Singapore, hehe.  But, if take advantage of their promos, the price ends up being quite reasonable. Only P200 for Banh Mi + Viet Coffee? I’m so there!

The food is delicious, and they use fresh ingredients. I recommend checking out their promos. 

For food, definitely try their pho! Their Vanilla Pudding with Palm Sugar Caramel is also mmmmmmmm…. good!

Annam Noodle Bar
Unit 1880-4 Ground Floor, 1880 Building, Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City, Libis
Instagram: @AnnamNoodleBar

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