All4U Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu Review

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall

During some recent visits to Century City Mall last month, I noticed a new Korean BBQ restaurant on the 4th floor called All4U. I thought the name was highly unusual, but it seemed always full of people, so I took a look at their signage, and it said that the unli bbq was P599/head and included shrimp. I was also curious about their organic soup.

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Promo

A couple of weeks ago, we finally found ourselves in Century City Mall. We were caught in a sudden downpour on the way to Glorietta, so we just ended up going to Century City Mall instead. And I thought, well, now is our chance to try this bbq restaurant.


The restaurant looks good on the outside, but when we got in, I was slightly disappointed. The area we were led to was hot, and the tables were messy because many of the tables’ customers had already left but the dishes and leftovers have not yet been bussed out. It felt like a cafeteria. It was not the ambience I was expecting when I was looking from the outside.

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Counter

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Interiors

I have been to restaurants at this level of cleanliness before, but I did not expect this here considering that it is located at Century City Mall. Dirty utensils:

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Utensils

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Interiors 2

Sauces – I appreciate the variety of sauces available and the nice sauce / appetizer plates 🙂

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Meats

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Beef

These were the items we were given to grill: pork, chicken, shrimp, fish/tofu sheets, beef. Lettuce was also provided.


The grill is electric, and it heated up very slowly. Food took a very long time to finish grilling.

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Kimchi Ramen

The shabu-shabu boiled quickly, but the heat from the grill only seems to be concentrated in the middle, so the shabu-shabu was getting too hot while the grill on the side still did not heat up well.

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Organic Soup

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Organic Soup 2

We were given this pack of noodles that we were not sure how we were supposed to cook here, so we just ended up putting it in the organic soup. I was thinking that this sort of defeats the purpose of the organic soup since we put processed noodles and the processed flavor packets into it. We tried asking one of the waiters, but they didn’t seem knowledgeable about it and shrugged. All the staff seemed very busy bringing plates of meat to customers or bussing tables.

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Noodles

For drinks, we were given this blue beverage:

All4U Unlimited Grill Century City Mall Drinks


I had moderately high expectations of this place which were not met. First of all, being in a location such as Century City Mall, I expected it to meet a certain standard. It’s not supposed to be in the same level as some budget restaurant in a Quezon City back alley.

Hygiene issues: When handing our meat dishes from his tray to our table, I noticed that our server’s fingers touched raw meat (the edge of the pork plate), and then he used the same hand to take the lettuce bowl to our table. His fingers that touched the raw pork touched the lettuce. You know how some people use their thumb on the edge of a plate or cup to hold it? Yep, he held the lettuce that way and touched the lettuce with his fingers that just touched raw pork 🙁

To be fair, the P599/person price gets you unlimited refills of all the items, including the shrimp. We got refills of the beef and shrimp. If you are able to eat a lot of these, the P599 price would be worth it for you. We didn’t really appreciate the shabu-shabu part and we just ended up eating the noodles as if it was instant noodles we cooked at home.

We were going to see Incredibles 2 at 7:05 pm, and we went into All 4 U at 5:30 pm thinking that we had enough time to eat before the movie. No, we didn’t. It took about 10 minutes after we were seated before we were given our first meat dishes. The grill took too long to cook things. By 6:30 pm we were rushing and trying to get the bill, which also took some time. We were finally able to run out at 7:02 pm, thank goodness the cinema was really nearby.

Things I liked about All4U – the sauces were presented nicely and I like that they provided more than the usual sauces.

For this price, I think the Mitasu Yakiniku unli bbq promo is a better deal mostly because of the charcoal grill and nicer ambience.

All4U Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu
Fourth Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

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