50% OFF Xiao Long Bao at Modern Shanghai Every Wednesday of November

Modern Shanghai 50 OFF Xiao Long Bao

Imagine a steaming basket of soupy Xiao Long Bao. Now imagine it at 50% OFF!

Yes, Xiao Long Bao is 50% OFF every Wednesday this month of November at Modern Shanghai.

If you’re new to the delicious wonder of Xiao Long Bao, it’s basically a dumpling that has a lot of “soup” inside. Unlike regular dumplings that you might find dry, Xiao Long Baos are intentionally made to have a soupy liquid.

How to eat Xiao Long Bao?
  1. Prepare your condiment – it’s usually some ginger and vinegar sauce.
  2. Wait for the xiao long bao to cool a bit. It should still be hot, but just hot enough so you won’t burn your tongue on it. Remember, it will have hot soup inside!
  3. Gently lift the xiao long bao with your chopsticks, preferably lifting the top part where the skin is “stronger”. Take care not to burst the  dumpling or tear the skin.
  4. Dip xiao long bao in your sauce.
  5. Put the whole xiao long bao in your mouth to eat. DO NOT nibble on the xiao long bao or the soup will run out of the dumpling!
  6. Eat and savor the xiao long bao – the soft but resilient skin, the delicately flavored minced meat, the wonderful broth that bursts from the dumpling when you chew on it.

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