27 Reasons to Visit S&R Today!

SnR 27 Reasons to Visit S&R

It’s the Chinese New Year, another chance to start fresh!

And look what I found on my recent trips to S&R that will make you start the year right!


These King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are on Buy 1 Take 1! Get some of these babies – they are great for breakfast, snacks, and to partner with meat dishes like ham or ribs! They are soft and sweet, the best when toasted for a little while in the oven toaster.

Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

If the coming year seems daunting, there’s always ice cream! Ice cream won’t hurt you, ice cream won’t judge you. And they’re on promo!

SnR Blue Bunny Ice Cream Promo

SnR Blue Bunny

SnR Ben & Jerry's

Where are my Cherry Garcia lovers? Cherry Garcia is in the house! And on promo! I haven’t seen Cherry Garcia for a few months now and we are all so happy that it’s back! Go get your share before it’s out of stock again!

SnR Ben & Jerry's

And LOOK! BAILEYS Ice Cream!

SnR Baileys Ice Cream

And now, more freezer-friendly items that will tide you over in case you don’t have time to cook.

These Gorton’s Crunchy Clams are on Buy 1 Take 1 and are easy to heat:

SnR Gorton's Clams

I have already talked about these Gorton’s Grilled Salmon in a previous post, and they are on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Gorton's Grilled Salmon

These Healthy Choice packs are also on promo!

SnR Healthy Choice

My dad loves potatoes, so we got a couple of these Potatoes O’Brien on Buy 1 Take 1 as well:

SnR O Brien Potatoes

Do you love Walkers Shortbread? They are delicious and buttery! Well, they’re on 50% OFF now!

SnR Walkers Shortbread


I also found some things that health aficionados might be looking for!

This anti-oxidant rich Lakewood Organic Mangosteen is on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Lakewood Organic Mangosteen

SnR Lakewood Organic Mangosteen

SnR Lakewood Organic Mangosteen

These Mamma Chia Squeeze Snacks are now only P250 for the whole box (12 packs inside)!

SnR Mama Chia

This Dan D Pak Very Berry Oatmeal is P140 OFF! One kilo is only P149.95!

SnR Dan D Pak Very Berry Oatmeal

S&R has Organic Coconut Oil! I have been seeing this a lot on YouTube lately. If you’re looking for organic coconut oil, it’s here!

SnR Barlean's Organic Coconut Oil

Studies show that coffee has a lot of anti-oxidants, so if you need a pick me up:

SnR Califia Latte Cold Brew


Is your towel starting to look grungy? Well, maybe it’s time to start the year with fresh towels! And while we’re at it, why not some fresh sheets, too?

When we were growing up, we always used towels as long as they were still usable. This meant I had the same towels for many, many years. I always thought it was because nice towels were expensive. It wasn’t until I started buying towels for myself that I realized that nice towels were actually quite affordable!

These luxury towels start at P499.95.

SnR Towels

There are even some towels on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Towels

SnR Towels

SnR Towels Promo

SnR Towels Promo

SnR Towels Promo

My personal preference is for towels that are just of light to medium thickness, but absorbent. Thick towels take longer to dry while hanging in the bathroom, smell musty faster, and are also more difficult to wash.

These comforter sets are on Buy 1 Take 1, from P4,999.95 to P5,999.95 – get that hotel bed feel at home!

SnR Comforter Sets

SnR Comforter Sets

You can even get your kids some new bed linens as well! These Bed in a Bag sets start at P1,499.95.

SnR Comforter Sets Bed in a Bag

Here are more blankets on Buy 1 Take 1!

SnR Blankets Comforters

If you are also looking to replace your old bath mat, these bath mats start at P99.95!

SnR Bath Mats


Don’t wait until it’s too late before buying your beach essentials! These Banana Boat sun protectors have P50 OFF. Take advantage of the promo and buy now. Summer is just a month away!

SnR Banana Boat Sun Block

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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      Yes, it is until supplies last. Sometimes some items are still available even after a few weeks. Some popular items are gone immediately when it goes on sale. I usually post agad on my Facebook page when I see a good promo 🙂


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